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Late Night Health is designed to empower healthcare consumers to take charge of their own health.

The show started when our host, Mark Alyn, experienced back pain and his insurance company refused to cover the problem. Working with “The Insane Darrell Wayne”, they created an upbeat, unique program showcasing a wide range of health topics. From energy healing to the latest techniques to fight cancer, the show is a blend of traditional and alternative health modalities. We’re health care consumers just like, focusing on what’s good for people not Big Pharma or insurance companies.

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Latest Episodes

Sharing Your Medical Records
How’s Your Hearing? Mark Alyn Talks About His!   Sharing Your Medical Records 85 Percent of Adults Expect Healthcare Providers
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Spirits landing celebrates 10 years – 500 women have benefited from its programs
Is Your Favorite Word Huh? Do You Ask People To Repeat Themselves? Mark Alyn Talks About His Hearing Loss. Spirits
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A Look At Natural Medicine With Dr. Rachel Fresco
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Gaining Strength Against Disease
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Power Through The Pollen Seasons
  How Mark Got His Hearing Back!   Spring is in the air and so is the pollen! If you
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Keeping America Safe With The Organic & Natural Health Organization CEO Karen Howard – Recorded In Washington, DC
      Karen Howard, CEO and Executive Director of Organic & Natural Health Association is a visionary and results-focused
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What’s Really in Your Supplements?
Learn Mark’s Secret for Hearing – With Signia Hearing Aids From BrightHear   Nature’s Answer® owns and operates North America’s
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Valentine’s Day & Breast Cancer
Is Your Favorite Word Huh? Mark Alyn talks about his life before hearing aids!   Autumn Huiit did not have
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How To Make A Six Figure Income Working Part Time
Do You Ask People To Repeat Themselves? Mark Alyn has the answer for you!   “How to Make a Six-Figure
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