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Sansan headshotBefore establishing herself as a tech entrepreneur, Sansan was a successful Film & TV Producer, who collaborated with renowned platforms and personalities such as Comedy Central, Bill Burr, and Kevin Hart.

Sansan’s career took a turn when she founded Wakefully (wakefully.io), a mental wellness app providing AI-guided dream analysis and coaching. Wakefully’s advanced Dream Decoder™ technology gives users personalized daily insights on their dreams, so they can make meaningful changes in their waking life. Sansan’s life is a testament to the power of dreaming big and the determination to make dreams a reality.

Enhance Your Mental and Emotional Clarity

Uncover dream clues, decode messages, and gain emotional insights. Wakefully’s Dream Decoder™ interprets dreams, reveals patterns, and offers guidance for mental balance improvement.

Supercharge Your Sleep with Wakefully

Personalized recommendations reduce anxiety, combat nightmares, and promote positive dreams. Understand your sleep patterns and improve sleep quality. Create an ideal sleep environment and adopt healthy habits.

Sansan visits with Mark Alyn on this edition of Late Night Health. Learn more at wakefully.io

Listen to Sansan & Mark here:

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