Artificial Intelligence Reviews Award-Winning Book – “The Cloud”

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Robert Rivenbark headshotIt is fitting that The Cloud, Robert Rivenbark’s award-winning speculative science fiction novel is the first book to ever be reviewed by AI avatars. In Robert’s world, the narrative revolves around a speculative view of our future and the place AI holds within it. His fascination with speculative fiction is deeply rooted in his concern about the future of humanity. His exploration of AI was natural extension of his interest in VR.

AI Book reviews raise a number of interesting questions:

  • How are the AI avatars generated?
  • Are book liner notes used to provide a baseline for avatars?
  • How is the software prompted to generate the reviews?

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“Some media pundits predict that AI will obsolete and annihilate humanity,” author Rivenbark stated. “In fact, the greater danger lies in an authoritarian regime pairing AI with virtual reality and subjecting humanity to a previously unimaginable state of mental, spiritual, and political slavery. As a species, we must choose whether to use AI as a beneficial tool that can create good things such as my AI avatar book review tour—or allow the greedy, corrupt, and power mad to enslave us with it. There’s reason for hope. As I dramatize in my novel The Cloud, the human spirit always rises up against such oppression. That fight helps us evolve toward a more enlightened state of being. It’s the kiln in which our souls are forged,” Rivenbark continued.

The Cloud was published by Story Merchant Books, $12.99 softcover.

Enjoy Late Night Health’s Mark Alyn’s enlightened discussion with Robert Rivenbark.

Listen to Robert & Mark here:

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