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Late Night Health is designed to empower healthcare consumers to take charge of their own health.

The show started when our host, Mark Alyn, experienced back pain and his insurance company refused to cover the problem. Working with “The Insane Darrell Wayne”, they created an upbeat, unique program showcasing a wide range of health topics. From energy healing to the latest techniques to fight cancer, the show is a blend of traditional and alternative health modalities. We’re health care consumers just like you, focusing on what’s good for people not Big Pharma or insurance companies.

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Latest Episodes

Clinical Trial – Are They Done Correctly? Andrew Swick From Life Extension
Andrew Swick, Life Extension Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Swick is the Chief Scientific Officer for Life Extension and oversees all scientific and
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Crystal365 – Crystals For Everyday Life with Heather Askinosie
Transform and energize your everyday life with Crystal365 (available November 12, 2019), an essential guide for crystals to be used
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Late Night Health Looks At Jetlag With Uplift & Then Examines Truth With Robert Clancy
Ted Finn, CEO of Uplift ( talks with Mark Alyn about jet lag and time changes. Regular contributor Robert Clancy
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Late Night Health Looks At Circadian Light With Amber Leong
During winter seasons, daylight is much shorter and there is an increase of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Amber Leong knows
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Fresh Eyes Upon The World
From a global traveler to a psychic healer to becoming a millionaire to leading personal growth workshops to publishing over
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Bruin Professionals LIVE Thursday November 7 Noon Pacific
LATE NIGHT HEALTH IS POWERED BY PODCLIPS (more information coming soon) Mike Anderson, from Finestone Partners, is interviewed LIVE on
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Resilience – One Family’s Story of Hope & Triumph over Evil
How do survivors of horrific trauma go on to live healthy and productive lives? How does that trauma affect and
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Probiotics – Science Supported Or Jury Still Out?
In Greek “probiotic” literally means “for life,” but should we take it for every ailment in our life? According to
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Cells Are The New Cure With Dr. Max Gomez
Join us on LATE NIGHT HEALTH as award-winning medical correspondent Dr. Max Gomez discusses his book, CELLS ARE THE NEW CURE, about
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Stronger Faster Healthier with Dr. Jeff Leighton
ABOUT SFH (Stronger, Faster, Healthier)   Since 2010, SFH has been committed to the philosophy that nutritionally balanced food, frequent
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