Why Am I Eating This?

Why Am I Eating This? book cover

If you’re tired of diets that focus solely on counting calories and restricting food, brace yourself for a revolutionary approach to weight loss. Why Am I Eating This? is not just another diet program; it’s a holistic journey towards intentional eating and lasting transformation. Robertson’s seven-point plan goes beyond the plate, delving into the depths of your desires and uncovering the truth about eating. Exploring the link between what and when we eat and the self-love we deserve is at the core of Why Am I Eating This?.

The book provides an intelligent approach towards our relationship with food. Through gentle curiosity, mindful eating exercises, meditations and strategies for selfnourishment, Robertson guides readers toward self-discovery, offering lightbulb moment questions to provide new perspectives on the choices we make about food, inviting us to explore our personal relationships with food. The book expertly lays the groundwork for those who want to uncover some mysteries of their eating patterns, such as why we eat more than we need or what might trigger when we eat.

Why Am I Eating This? acknowledges that often we turn to eating as a coping mechanism, seeking comfort or distraction from our emotions. Offering powerful new tools to learn to make empowered, wise choices with food, Robertson helps readers move toward a more compassionate, nurturing and nourishing relationship with themselves. The book is a welcome guide for those frustrated with overeating despite awareness of healthy food options or realizing they use food to self-soothe. It is also for anyone frustrated by yo-yo dieting or fed up with not being able to fit into clothes they love.

Robertson reveals the nourishment we may be really seeking through our personal eating habits and patterns: self-love. When we truly care about ourselves, our physical health habits frequently improve. As she states, “Outer self-care reflects inner self-love and appreciation. When we love and cherish ourselves, we will want to love and cherish our bodies and will want to fill it with just the right amount of nourishing and healthy food.” (At least most of the time!)

About Sandy Robertson, RN, MSN, CHTP, CMIP Sandy Robertson, RN, MSN, PH-CNS, is an author, Board Certified Holistic Nurse (HN-BC). For the past 25 years she has been a notable corporate and healthcare systems manager/ leader/educator of wellness and obesity programs and she has been in the forefront of integrative, complementary and mind/ body approaches to behavior change. She is also a Certified Medical Intuitive (CMIP), and Certified Healing Touch Practitioner (CHTP) who weaves the traditional art and science of medicine with mind-body approaches to well-being.

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