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Laura Widney HeadshotInfuse your life with an electrifying dose of wellness wisdom! Meet Laura Widney, the Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) of Soaak Technologies, who is revolutionizing the world of well-being through cutting-edge sound frequency therapy and a holistic approach like never before that is literally at the tip of your fingers!

Laura Widney is the visionary behind Soaak Technologies, a healthtech company dedicated to transforming well-being through innovative digital solutions. As the Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) of Soaak, Laura brings her passion for personal growth, holistic wellness, and the power of sound frequencies to the forefront. With a deep understanding of the transformative potential of mind-body connections, Laura has curated a range of scientifically proven therapies to help individuals reduce stress, increase energy, and achieve optimal vitality. Drawing from her own experiences and journey towards holistic well-being, Laura is committed to empowering individuals to unlock their full potential and lead happier, healthier lives. Laura joins Mark Alyn on this edition of Late Night Health.

Listen to Laura & Mark here:

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