The Heart & Brain Play Jump Rope – Reduce Stress For Kids

Heart & Brain Play Jump Rope

In his latest e-book, The Heart & Brain Play Jump Rope, renowned author, speaker, and cardiologist Dr. John Kennedy has created an engaging visual and literary tool to teach grade school kids about the Heart-Brain connection and how stressful events can affect their bodies.

By using the metaphor of the jump rope to illustrate how the brain can create a physiologic response in the heart and body, Dr. Kennedy provides an accessible way to help kids learn to exercise control over their body’s response to stress and anxiety.

In addition to the beautiful images and helpful guidance, Dr. Kennedy shares the scientifically proven BREATHE technique, a 7-step, kid-friendly template that gives kids the tools to deal with some of the most common stressful triggers in their lives.

BREATHE is a unique and powerful relaxation exercise that teaches kids a how and what to visualize, focused controlled breathing, and positive self-talk—all valuable skills they can use to navigate their future.

To further illustrate the power of the BREATHE technique, Dr. Kennedy has created a video library that demonstrates the application of BREATHE to the kind of events that typically create stress for kids, such as test-taking, public speaking, studying, sports performance and time management and more.

Visit to see the full range of helpful BREATHE videos to use in conjunction with The Heart & Brain Play Jump Rope.

Listen to Dr. Kennedy & Mark here:

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