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Veenu Keller headshotEmbracing the title of “Parent-Child Whisperer,” I am on a heartfelt mission: To Give Kids A Childhood They Won’t Have To Heal From. As a best-selling author and esteemed Parent, Child, and Teen Coach, my dedication lies in guiding families through the intricacies of modern parenting. I am fervently committed to the ideal that every child deserves a nurturing upbringing, free from the need for later emotional repair. In cultivating open, safe, and trusting relationships between parents and their offspring, I enable families to close generational divides and foster communication that lays the groundwork for collective growth and profound understanding.

My support system caters to parents caught in the whirlwind of occupational duties and their children’s exhaustive routines, which often skews the delicate work-life balance. This imbalance can lead to tension and disconnection within the family fabric. My validated three-step process has been pivotal in reshaping family dynamics, enhancing the bonds of marriage, refining parent-child dialogues, and creating a haven of security and contentment for households.

With a degree in Psychology and as a Certified Life Coach and Behavior Consultant, I offer a treasure trove of knowledge to my role as an unwavering supporter of your family’s journey. My methods are honed to decode the intricate languages between generations, morphing family existence into a rewarding odyssey of insight and bonding.

Praised on prominent networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, and CW, I have contributed significantly to the essential discourse on effective familial communication. In founding In-Home TurnAround, I customize my techniques to the particular challenges and strengths of each family, delivering as distinctive a service as the individuals it serves.

In the spaces between coaching, authorship, and lecturing, my world revolves around my family—my spouse, six children, and two precious grandchildren. Our collective adventures and shared moments echo the very ethos I advocate: a serene and connected family life.

My professional pursuits mirror my personal values, as I tirelessly work to demonstrate and proliferate the harmonious family existence that I firmly believe is attainable for everyone. Learn more about Veenu at


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