No More Back Pain!

Rick Olderman, MSPT – Author of Fixing You Back Pain and regular contributor on Late Night Health talks about neck pain and headaches.

One of the biggest culperts  of neck pain are the shoulder blades. If our posture or shoulder blades are not resting or moving well this can cause neck pain. When focusing on posture its important to hold your body straight with the stomach muscles and rib cage rather than pulling the shoulder blades back to straighten your body. If you get in the habit of lifting your rib cage to maintain posture; it will expand your lung capacity.

Mark Alyn was in a car accident and now has headaches and neck pain. Neck pain can cause headaches because everything is connected. If we can relieve the tension in the neck muscles then the headache will go away. Migraines can also be triggered by neck and shoulder issues.


air date: 7/18/15

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