Do Unto Earth – It’s Not To Late

Penelope Jean Hayes joins Mark Alyn on Late Night Health to chat about her unique new book called Do Unto Earth.  Penelope is a seasoned journalist who has posed many of life’s most important questions to a Divine Wisdom Source named Pax who answered her questions through channeler Carole Serene Borgens.  This is a very unusual conversation by anyone’s standards.

Penelope’s questions to Pax ranged from environmental repair (and how much time we really have left to clean up the destruction) to alternative health, plant medicine, life on other planets, miracles such as the great pyramids and Stonehenge, out-of-the-box cures for diseases such as Parkinson’s and so much more. Penelope shares information about unheard of uses for some of the earth’s resources such as tobacco leaves and replacement material for plastics that has caused multiple issues for our environment.  There are actually billion-dollar business ideas within these pages for visionary entrepreneurs.

When Penelope asked Pax who he is exactly, the answer came “We are one with the universe, not the universe alone.  We are the Divine universe, The God Being. “ Other topics include the Divine take on the Coronavirus which are found in the two short volumes called The Likely Future.  Penelope shared that we can all meditate, we can all pray.  Even just sitting quietly or taking a walk on the beach can be meditation with the Divine doors opening up to be able to tap into that higher wisdom.  We can all do this.

 Do Unto Earth delivers a message of hope, without focusing on the challenges as much as the solutions. If we implement this wisdom if we share this message we can come together to make the necessary changes and turn around our environmental crisis.  It is not too late.

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