THINK BEFORE YOU SHOOT – How Photographs Keep Us Sane!

What does it mean to be an artist who uses the medium of photography to express themselves artistically to the world?  How do we decide what subjects to shoot and why?  How do we ensure that we take the perfect shot?

In THINK BEFORE YOU SHOOT: The Art of Taking Creative Photographs, renowned photographer Santino Zafarana discusses why images matter and how to create consistently powerful and captivating ones.  “Photography helps you look at the world and your life through fresh eyes,” attests Zafarana.  He offers an illuminating guide to understanding the art of seeing, with 21 techniques to make taking photographs a conscious act.

SANTINO ZAFARANA was born in Sicily and introduced to photography by his uncle Salvatore Dolce, who gave him his first camera―a Kodak brownie. For more than 45 years, he has been devoted to taking photographs that capture the magic of light and the wonders of ordinary people and the everyday world. In addition to creating his own works of photographic art, he has helped thousands achieve their dreams of taking great photographs. He teaches and mentors at the Creative Photography Workshops school in Los Angeles, which he owns with his wife Tracey Landworth, an equally accomplished photographer.

He joins us for a discussion that will help budding photographers consistently capture wondrous images while adopting a simple yet deliberate process.  He will discuss why photographs matter to developing a sense of identity, tracing your personal evolution, preserving cherished memories, keeping a record of your ideas, and securing your legacy; how the cellphone has changed not only the way we take, view, and share pictures but also the nature and meaning of photographs themselves; the power of the photographer’s point of view and its impact on a photograph’s focal point; and the rewards of investing the care and developing the consciousness to take great photographs, including finding creative fulfillment and building self-esteem.

Santino Zafarana is a photographer with the amazing mind of a scientist and the heart of an artist.  Allow him to be your wonderful guide on the journey of becoming a creative photographer.

Watch Santino and Mark here:

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