App Helps People Achieve Their Meditation Goals in the New Year

Our minds are constantly in motion, but with the Relaxx app, you can learn to turn off your brain and escape the world for a few peaceful moments every day. This new app helps your mind achieve tranquility by teaching an advanced meditative practice called Intermittent Silence. Silence is the language of the inner space, the inner universe, and an essential component of every meditation. Learning to give your mind rest through silence enables you to process your emotions, find clarity, and make the intentional choices that will improve your life.

Learning intermittent silenceTM with the Relaxx app

Your brain has approximately 86 billion neurons. It is constantly being bombarded with stimulation and spinning with thoughts. 

As you practice intermittent silenceTM, you acknowledge the incredible amount of work your mind does every day and give it the rest it needs. After an intense workout, you give your muscles a break. Intermittent silenceTM enables you to do this for your mind. 

Intermittent silenceTM is not the practice of zoning out. Your aim is to achieve complete mental silence. As you practice this form of meditation, you are aware of what’s happening in your mind, but you are letting it pass. 

The four steps of intermittent silenceTM

Intermittent silenceTM involves four simple steps: 

  1. Close your mouth and say nothing. 
  2. Close your eyes and block out visual stimulation. 
  3. Silently listen to the sounds around you.
  4. Silently watch your thoughts.

When you first attempt to watch your thoughts silently, you’ll find thoughts continue to bombard your mind. The Relaxx app will help you learn to acknowledge these thoughts without expending energy upon them. 

Allow your brain to rest anywhere from two to ten minutes each day. Try to develop a routine of doing this at the same time and in the same place. In the beginning, the silence may feel uncomfortable, but you’ll soon find yourself craving those minutes of inner exploration. 

Gaining control of your emotions through intermittent silenceTM

After you’ve mastered the four steps of intermittent silenceTM, there is one other goal the Relaxx app can help you achieve. This fifth and final step of Intermittent Silence involves the silent watching of your emotions. 

Can you learn to silently watch your emotions in the same way you learn to process your thoughts? Through intermittent silenceTM, you absolutely can. 

Imagine the feeling you get when you’re anxious. Maybe your heart rate increases, your breathing gets faster, or your body shakes. You can learn to watch your emotions by watching how they affect your body.  

As you learn to watch your emotions, you will observe how your body responds. You will watch and then allow your body to change. You will be able to quiet your breath and slow your heart rate. The more you practice this, the more you’ll see that emotions don’t control you. You are in control. 

You can use these techniques at any time throughout your day, not just during those 10 minutes you are using the Relaxx app. Whenever you catch yourself feeling irritated, anxious, or angry, you will be able to regain control of your thoughts. 

Intermittent silenceTM is not about changing who you are, what you feel, or how you think. This practice is about embracing the amazing potential of your mind and allowing your brain the time it needs to rest. Try the Relaxx app for just ten minutes each day. Soon, you will begin to notice a difference in the way you see the world and in the way others see you. App creator Dr. Krista Bhatta talks with Mark Alyn on this edition of the show.

You can listen to Dr. Bhatta and Mark here:

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