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David Young is a multi-faceted musician known for playing two Renaissance flutes at one time and selling over 1,000,000 copies of his songs. He started his company with his last $100 at Venice Beach in 1990 under the name Celestial Winds and now 300,000 people every day are uplifted by his 60 recorded albums. Many call his music “the most heavenly, healing music on the planet,” with over 20,000 healers and healing centers using his music daily.

Young has developed a method of playing two different size recorders at once, in harmony, which creates a sound that some call the most beautiful music on Earth. It is said that more attendees have had out of body experiences listening to his music; the effect his Sound Healings have had on people is unparalleled.

His career developed into meditation events in 2015 after he wrote three books and now does spiritual events all over the world. David transforms the room with spiritual energy created by playing his flutes over his tracks.

Almost 7,000 attendees at his more than 390 events over the past three years have shared having a conversation or spiritual travel with Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Krishna, St Germain, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalena, Quan Yin, an Archangel or have reconnected with one of their loved ones in Heaven. (This does not include the thousands of people who had past life experiences or have seen the Inner Light.)

Young started painting in 2011 and sold his paintings at the biggest art festivals in the United States: Coconut Grove in Miami, Lincoln Center in New York and Ann Arbor Michigan, to name a few. His paintings are now available to galleries and art collectors.

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The True Story of Jesus

The True Story of Jesus Part 2


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