The Health of Your Cell Phone – Can Your Phone Get Sick?

Each day, the news brings more shocking stories of breaches in cybersecurity. In fact, 60% of small and medium businesses that suffer a data breach don’t recover, and go out of business. That’s why the top security experts in the nation come together each year at the RSA Security Conference in San Francisco to examine the threats and look for solutions to this growing problem. One of the top experts who is attending the conference is Bryan Sartin, the head of Verizon Global Security Services.

Sartin discusses the important issues coming out of the RSA conference, and to share important new information from the third annual Verizon Mobile Security Index. The Index provides unique insight into the current mobile threat landscape and what organizations are, or in many cases aren’t, doing to protect their data and key systems. The findings are based on a survey of hundreds of professionals involved in buying, managing and securing mobile devices for their organizations. In addition to analysis from Verizon’s experts, the report includes insight and real-world data from top security and management companies.

Listen to Bryan and Mark Here:

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