Suicide? Who’s Demons Are They?

GARY STUART is a master Constellation Healing facilitator of more than 20 years, author, and transformational speaker. His latest book, MASTER YOUR UNIVERSE: How to Direct and Star in Your Own Life, shows you how to approach your life as a movie that you are producing and directing, not sitting in the audience.

Gary is internationally recognized for exploring invisible family dynamics through ancestral Family Constellations, which identifies ancestral family systems and negative entanglements that are affecting a person’s life right now.

Combining experience in diverse and progressive healing techniques, modalities and consciousness expanding practices, he is masterful at creating a powerful and safe container for people to look at some of the most emotional aspects in their life. Due to the ancestral nature of his work, at times the emotion may be that of a grandparent or relation.

Gary has been certified in the work including Bert Hellinger’s “Movements of the Spirit-Mind” Facilitator’s Training twice, to deepen his own practice and bring it to his clients. Gary has facilitated well over 10,000 healing experiences, and has provided training for facilitators and other professionals.

Gary offers Distance Constellation healing work for personal, business or organizational issues as well as breakthroughs in Prosperity, Organizational Empowerment, Familial Epigenetic and Past-Life Reincarnation. He conducts weekly workshops in California and travels worldwide.

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