Summer Health Hacks

Ken Redcross, MD

Winter can really wreck your health and this winter especially has been very tough on most people. According to the Cleveland Clinic, the winter season can make you SAD, a distinct type of depression often comes with extreme sleepiness, increased appetite, a heavy “leaden” sensation in the limbs, loss of interest, sense of hopelessness and social withdrawal. Winter can also dry out your eyes, trigger migraines, crack and burn your skin and create poor eating and exercise habits, simply from being stuck inside for extended periods of time.

Dr. Ken Redcross, is a board-certified internal medicine physician and founder of one of the first full-service concierges, personalized medical practices in the United States. He says that “cleaning house” from the inside out can pay huge health dividends when it comes to your overall happiness and wellbeing. He says that there are easy, inexpensive health hacks that can pay huge dividends for your overall wellness

Join Late Night Health host, Mark Alyn as he discusses with Dr. Redcross the three inexpensive and simple “D” health hacks to reboot this summer, including the best and most efficient ways to power up on vitamin D, importance of D-cluttering your medicine cabinet and removing certain outdated meds and supplements; and learning how to D-stress instantly with simple meditation tools that take less than 5 minutes.

Dr. Redcross’ experience as one of the first full-service concierge, personalized medical practices in the United States, has built him an extensive patient portfolio including executives, athletes and entertainers, as well as individuals from all walks and stages of life. Listen in and learn about the simple ways to reboot your health for the new season with Late Night Health host, Mark Alyn, and Dr. Ken Redcross!

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