Sleep And Your Immune System With Dr. Laara Van Bryce

Your Immune System and your digestive system are intricately tied to your ability to Sleep.  In order to have a great immune system, you must sleep well, and give your body the time and energy it needs to repair and fortify its self. In order to sleep well, you need to have a great immune system that fights off unhealthy bacteria, viruses, and parasites, so that they don’t keep you up at night, and your body doesn’t have to expend a lot of energy defending itself.

This will give you access to the energy that you need to detoxify both your body and your brain while you sleep. This will also decrease anxiety, allow you to process your emotions better, and ultimately increase your sense of well-being. Improving your sleep, immune system, or digestive tract can significantly improve your health, and your life, in positive ways that you could not imagine… until you do it.

Dr. Laara Van Bryce graduated in 1979 from Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, Mo. She is known for her sincere, innovative, intuitive and holistic approach to health and has helped thousands of patients change their lives for the better. She is experienced in chiropractic adjustments, nutrition, functional medicine, muscle testing, and a variety of other modalities. Her approach to healthcare is based on a comprehensive analysis/ evaluation, looking for the underlying fundamental root cause of dis-ease.

Dr. Laara’s own health journey became very challenging after an auto accident in 1988. Her personal journey as a patient through the medical and chiropractic system unveiled the large inadequacies of the traditional healthcare system. With symptoms ranging from chronic pain, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis – an auto-immune- low thyroid condition, chronic fatigue, and depression, she discovered how to put the pieces back together again and return to health. It is her personal desire to assist you in achieving optimal health and avoid becoming one more disease statistic.

Later in life, as menopause brought on new symptoms of weight gain, insomnia, depression and hot flashes, Dr. Laara  began a deep dive into the functional medicine arena, where she was able to educate herself, and discovered the road back to vibrant health.

It is her sincere desire to help you lose those extra pounds, improve your sleep, regain the vitality of your younger years, and feel like yourself again!

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