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Donna Terjesen-Holistic Health Counselor; Children’s Book Author, CEO & Founder of Nourish Our Kids;; Managing Director at HBR Consulting

Among a host of descriptive words that can be used to define Donna Terjesen. Her being a survivor, mother, teacher, inspiring, entrepreneur, author, lecturer, and optimist.

In November 1992, Donna was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She was treated with several synthetic drugs, which resulted in her feeling worse, weight gain and continuous lethargy. Unfortunately, Donna was offered little support from her neurologist.  So took matters into her own hands to regain control of her life and health. She began by devoting countless hours researching alternative medicine and natural therapies. With time, she learned to change her diet to whole and natural foods, opening the door to an increased energy level and a newfound spirit within her, eager to come out.

By 1997, she (and those around her) noticed a dramatic improvement in her health. Donna’s successful weight loss and revitalized strength had her feeling like her old self again, yet with a much brighter outlook on life. She knew then that anyone could accomplish anything if they set their mind to it! She was living proof! Amazed with Donna’s health improvements, her friends, family, and co-workers suddenly began seeking dietary advice from her which led her to enroll in the Institute of Integrated Nutrition in 2001 and earned her certification as a Health Counselor.

In addition to gaining a wealth of information on good health and nutrition, Donna also discovered something even more important about herself…she realized that she could be an effective teacher and lead people to make healthy lifestyle changes and became passionate about supporting other parents and children with their health and nutrition needs.

As a wife and full-time working mother of three daughters, Donna understood how families often may opt for the quickest and easiest meal solutions, which typically are not the healthiest, e.g., fast-food, late-night dinners, and/or unsupervised consumption of snacks and junk food. She herself, a successful sales and management professional in the corporate world, knows ‑first-hand how easily it is to fall victim to unhealthy eating habits not only for children, but also for working adults who succumb to client dinners or business travel that requires eating out all the time.

Donna is passionate about supporting children’s health. Throughout the years, she has dedicated time to service and to spearhead positive food changes to children’s meals in NY state schools and in her local suburban community. She has earned a varied amount of experience working with children and supporting non-profit organizations, such as The Children’s Aid Society and I Have a Dream Foundation, teaching nutrition classes in head-start schools and community after school programs.

Donna is CEO / Founder of Nourish Our Kids.  Since 2003, Donna’s organization has worked with children, parents, and schools to provide valued education and wellness guidance on maintaining a lifetime of good health.

NOK strives to dramatically improve children’s health and prevent early onset childhood obesity by focusing on young children ages 3-7. At these early ages, children can learn the importance of making positive dietary and lifestyle decisions as they develop and grow, setting the stage for a lifetime of well-being.

NOK aims to achieve its mission with its Healthy Lifestyle Program.  The program’s approach unites an interactive learning style curriculum along with the child’s tangible experiences of eating healthy snack foods.

Donna often conducts health lectures sharing her personal story; her recovery journey and healing principles using a balanced, natural, holistic and integrative approach to her health and total wellness.

Donna also has an impressive corporate background with over 30 years of experience, and as an entrepreneur. She is known as a dynamic industry thought leader for spearheading transformative changes. For more information visit:

Listen to Donna and Mark here:

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