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If any of us remain skeptical about the Mind Body Soul Connection in regards to wellness, we need only remember the last time someone came into the room and startled us. Or when we got spooked out as a child. Or the time we felt publicly humiliated or shamed. Unless you’re living under a rock, or you are a rock! chances are likely that your face got warm and/or flushed, you got goosebumps, you jumped a mile, or all three.

Our bodies are affected by our experiences, thoughts and emotions.

The reverse is also true:

Our experiences, thoughts and emotions affect our bodies.

This knowledge has inspired new approaches in how doctors are interacting with patients, some encouraging their patients to partake in storytelling, telling their medical professional the details of how they developed a health issue- all in the name of developing a comfortable, trusting relationship that will ultimately affect the patient’s well-being. Other professionals are taking a more hands-on approach with their patients, understanding the importance of having, in the words of the Adams Award, a “warm hand of service.” And many are being sure to give their patients the gift of Hope before the appointment is over. Our soul, thoughts, and emotions can be a huge part of recovery.

Without a doubt, there is a wide array of scientific explanations for this, but I’d like to share a spiritual one:

G-d designed our body to be a home for our soul.

This designation makes the body and soul deeply connected to one another.

And we are hardwired to create meaning and purpose in our life by using the body to express the soul, our higher self.

Some examples:

My mind and soul tell me I want to think outside of myself about God’s desires, others’ needs.

My body goes to a homeless shelter and I feed the hungry.

My mind and soul tell me I yearn to connect to a Higher Power, a transcendent force, a God that makes our world feel less like a jungle. I want to live against a backdrop of peace.

My body goes into a quiet corner, and I pray and connect to my Creator.

My mind and soul tell me- I’m feeling guilt or regret over past decisions in my life.

My body goes through the necessary steps to rectify the past, making amends in various ways.

So yes, our bodies will always react to our experiences and mindsets in life, but the ultimate challenge is to constantly put the soul and mind in the driver’s seat, and allow our spirit to guide our body, in living a meaningful life.

Shula Bryski, co-director of Chabad Jewish Center of Thousand Oaks, joins Late Night Health for a look at the Mind Body Spirit Connection from a Jewish point of view. She has an editing and speech-writing business at rentaspeech.com

air date: 9/16/16

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