Health Begins In The Gut

According to gut health expert Julia Loggins, It Takes Guts To Be Happy! And that’s the name of her book. She joins Late Night Health to sharing the secrets of great digestion, the key to health and happiness

Julia teaches men and women from 9 to 90 where their colon is and how it works. Julia talks with Mark Alyn about her joy sharing the tools used to save her life. Having spent a great deal of her childhood hospitalized with life-threatening illnesses including asthma, allergies, rheumatoid arthritis and auto-immune breakdown, she was lucky enough, at age 17, to meet medical doctor, Robert Pottenger.

His family pioneered the understanding that environmental toxins were just that — toxic — quite a revolutionary position in the 1960s, when Monsanto was known only for sponsoring a cool ride at Disneyland. Julia explains he was the first medical doctor to tell my parents that the drugs I was being given to “save my life” — everything from steroids to experimental asthma meds — were responsible for the breakdown of my immune system, my kidneys, lungs and liver, and my daily struggle to live and breathe. He prescribed something entirely new: an all-organic diet, free of preservatives, sugar, wheat, dairy, processed foods and fake fats. It was the beginning of my study of regenerative health, detoxification and the bottom line to restoring vitality, which is the gut.

Colonics are key to healing the colon — the last six feet of our intestinal tract — and improving our digestion.  Ninety percent of our serotonin, the neurotransmitter that makes us feel happy and optimistic, is made in the gut. Eighty percent of the immune system is in the gut. How happy do you feel when your tummy is hurting? How clearly can you think? Not very! Colonics flush the impacted waste that is literally crushing surrounding organs, draining our energy and stifling our mood. The human body today is not physically or psychologically that different from that of our cave men and women ancestors. Therefore, we do not assimilate or eliminate foods that are processed, sprayed, poisoned, or otherwise tampered with. We store them in our vital organs, until they make us sick.

We all know the stats on catastrophic disease in this country: The World Health Organization predicts 1 in 2 Americans will get cancer and/or diabetes. Is there no hope? Thankfully, there is. We can detoxify and nourish our bodies with whole, organic foods, juices and clean our colons. A painless, simple procedure, colonics irrigate the colon with purified water and, over the course of a half a dozen sessions, flush 5-30 (yes, really!) pounds of stored waste. Colonics are a safe and effective tool to speed up metabolism, which encourages weight loss, and balance the hormones.

Silent screen star Mae West reportedly credits colonics for her ageless beauty and perfect skin. In the next few weeks Mark is going to have a colonic and will share his feelings about the treatment.

air date: 8/5/16

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