Love, Dad – Life After Death

Imagine being a bartender at a busy Broadway show when just before intermission, you get the call – your too young dad suddenly died. As your family’s screams of despair pierce your ear and instantly shatter your world, hundreds of patrons abuzz with energy from the comedic first act descend on you. They hastily begin ordering drinks, and somehow a shell that looks like you makes them, while your inside crumbles away.

How do we move forward when such a devastating loss befalls us?

Love, Dad intimately shares one family’s darkest hours and their road to healing, a road that has been long ignored or scoffed at by the scientific community. Mike Anthony, a healthy skeptic, goes to great lengths to uncover the paradigm-shifting research into the nature of consciousness that exists, and shows us why it must be put back in the forefront with no shame attached.

Love, Dad details Anthony’s true story as he pulls himself out of despair, and alongside his family, finds true connection and communication with his dad once again. Given the transformative nature of the experience, he couldn’t help but share what happened, hoping to bring others the peace he’d discovered. So compelling is his story that Netflix chose to feature it in three episodes of their series Surviving Death.

This eye-opening book pushes the boundaries of what we think we know, unlocking the door to new and exhilarating possibilities. What might it be like to know that death is truly not the end? In Love, Dad we get one family’s answer.

When a stranger’s unpredictable phone call delivers a message that Mike’s dad had contacted her from “the other side,” it kicks off a chain of events that would entirely change Mike’s family’s perspective on life, death, and the transcendent nature of love. Join Mike on his remarkable quest, as his skeptical mindset gets challenged and eventually overruled through an extraordinary journey, leading to an event that would forever change his understanding of reality.

“Though I’ve always wondered, since I was a child,” Anthony remarks, “about what we are and how and why we’re here, and what happens to us when we die, I did not imagine I’d ever have such direct evidence to suggest that something, something ‘other worldly’ does, indeed, happen to us.”

Everyone needs this book. Our largest looming fear is death and our greatest pain is the grief we feel when someone we love dies. But what if we knew that death is just a doorway, and loss is really just an alteration of relationship? Could we all live with a greater sense of peace if we knew our “lost” loved ones are actually very close by, and our own “passing” is simply that — a passage through?

Mike Anthony now knows the answer and you can, too!

Most importantly, Love, Dad gives us the hope that is so desperately needed during these times and does so with honesty, grace and evidence.

Listen to Mike and Mark here:

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