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Dr. Michael Milobsky headshotAllowing children and teens to reach their full height potential is based on several critical factors, from heredity to adequate nutrition, hormonal balance, stress management, and sleep patterns. Yet 70% of U.S. adolescents lack nutrients essential to bone growth and poor nutrition in schools can lead to a 7.8-inch gap in height for people, as the National Library of Medicine indicates.

TruHeight supplements these deficiencies, especially for those who need to improve their diet and reduce sugar consumption and other unhealthy habits. TruHeight addresses the critical growth years of 5+ years old with vitamins, minerals, protein, amino acids, and other essential nutrients necessary for bone growth.

A clinically proven, natural alternative to hormone therapies and scary growth and height procedures, TrueHeight supports healthy bone growth and development in individuals aged 5+, with a toddler line for 2+. It provides vital nutrients with natural blends of herbs and vitamins while educating the lifestyle and practices needed to grow tall and healthy. 

TruHeight is a 100% natural supplement that easily fits into a growing youth’s lifestyle by supporting healthy growth and development. It is available in gummies, capsules, and powders. As board-certified pediatrician Dr. Michael Mibolsky acknowledges, “I’ve seen firsthand the positive impact their products can have on a child’s overall well-being. TruHeight truly stands out in its commitment to holistic growth.”

After a six-month clinical pilot trial, the evaluating clinicians reported children taking TruHeight daily to have a statistically significant increase in height compared to those in the control group by over 86%. The study measured Collagen X levels, a critical bio-marker closely linked to the activity in the growth plates of developing bones and serves as a real-time gauge for growth velocity. Children who took TruHeight experienced a 44% higher level of Collagen X. This significant increase translates to enhanced growth plate activity and, consequently, a more robust rate of linear bone growth.

From the basketball court to the playground, today’s youth are seeing improvement in their growth by adding a TruHeight supplement and balancing nutrition and sleep patterns. It leads to improved immunity and overall health – what we all want for the next generation!

Dr. Michael Milobsky explains why children need supplements with Mark Alyn.

Listen to Dr. Milobsky and Mark here:

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