You Can Eat Acorns – They’re Healthy (and you won’t break a tooth)!

Folk Rival product shot

David Cantor HeadshotDavid Cantor founded Folk Revival Heirloom Foods in 2022 because he was passionate about increasing resiliency in our food supply. Heirloom foods help support biodiversity, and this diversity gives our food system strength and resilience.

Cantor has been working in the natural food world his whole adult life. It started after college, when he founded a small organic vegetable farm in New Mexico and never looked back. He later studied Food and Ag Policy and have been working to grow natural and organic food brands ever since.

Each cup of Folk Revival contains 20g protein, is low carb, Keto-friendly, zero sugar, made with wild harvest acorns, and is delicious both hot and cold. “Acorns have been consumed by people for millennia and are enjoyed around the world. They have profound environmental and health benefits and are a largely untapped resource,” notes Cantor.

Available in four delicious flavors (Original, Blueberry Almond, Maple Walnut, Chai Almond), Folk Revival retails for $3.99 each. Every cup of Folk Revival delivers a nutty, earthy, satisfying, stick-to-your-ribs breakfast that is sure to keep consumers satisfied until the next meal. Folk Revival is available at Whole Foods, Central Market and independent retailers nationwide.

David visits with Mark Alyn on this edition of Late Night Health.  Listen to David and Mark here:

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