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Tyler Martin headshotWe all know that physical fitness is crucial to long-term happiness. Unfortunately, we’re not born knowing how to get and stay fit. And the plethora of different, often contradictory approaches only makes the quest more confusing and frustrating.

In THE FRICTION FACTOR: The Busy Person’s Guide to Sustainable Diet and Exercise, Tyler Martin provides a philosophy and framework for fitness that fits into even the most hectic life—and can be followed for a lifetime. A former competitive wrestler and coach, Martin realized that staying fit would be a significant challenge after he retired from athletics and embarked on a demanding career in marketing and business. In 2010, he began the serious endeavor of trying to select and implement the most effective and sustainable fitness practices.

His system revolves around two principles:

  1. Viewing fitness as an overall life-enhancer.
  2. Eliminating as much friction, or the inefficient use of time and energy, as possible.

Building on this foundation, Tyler Martin will share with us:

  • Simple ways to turn fitness-promoting behaviors into habits, which economize your time and energy by automating healthy, life-enhancing diet and exercise practices.
  • Winning the psychological game, which includes finding your motivation for fitness by getting clear on what you’re trying to achieve—Why exactly do you want to get healthier?
  • Why exercising more frequently creates less friction—and why short daily workouts are generally the most effective way to achieve long-term fitness success.
  • Tips for making exercise stick—and why it pays to make space for a home gym and avoid exercising with a partner or in a group.
  • Pointers for picking the right exercises that provide the maximum benefit in the least amount of time, and guidelines to reduce the friction of strength-training and cardio.
  • Diet and nutrition basics to maintain and improve long-term physical fitness—plus tips for developing healthy eating habits, building a meal plan, and effectively managing cheat days.

TYLER MARTIN is a certified personal trainer and a former high school wrestling coach and collegiate-level athlete. His innovative approach to fitness and behavior change enables him to stay in fantastic shape while managing a demanding life as a full-time marketer, business owner, researcher, writer, and husband. He lives in Louisville, Kentucky.

Listen to Tyler & Mark here:

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