Sexism – It’s More Than You Think!

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Harper Hall, Global Flavor Applications and Technical Service Lead at Ingredion, supports Ingredion’s DEI initiatives such as self-ID, access and policy creation.

In addition to volunteering with Informa’s JEDI Content Creation Advisory Council and Naturally Proud Network’s board of directors, Harper assists Garden State Equality, New Jersey’s largest LGBTQ+ advocacy organization. Harper holds a bachelor of professional studies in baking and pastry arts management from The Culinary Institute of America and a bachelor of science in Culinology® from Southwest Minnesota State University. Harper is featured in the Identifiying The Elephant In The Room Webinar Series: Critical Communications Strategies In The Face Of Sexism. Harper joins Mark for a discussion on Sexism: It’s more than people think! Learn more about the webinar at

Listen to harper & Mark here:

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