Fastest Way to Change Fitted Bed Sheets


Peel Away Labs Creates Fastest Way to Change Fitted Bed Sheets

There’s nothing more difficult than changing a bedsheet. While consumers change linens every 7 – 10 days, hospital and healthcare facilities change bed lines daily, thereby incurring large expenses due to cost of linens, labor to strip and make the bed, water, detergents and electricity used for laundering bed sheets, wear and tear on linens and replacement costs. Peel Away Labs ( has created a disposable alternative to traditional laundered bedding offering soft, absorbent, multi-layered waterproof sheets, while saving money.

According to Howard Brauner, COO of Peel Away Labs, “Peelaways are both a fitted bed sheet and a waterproof mattress protector. Infection neutral, they do not transmit infectious material between layers. Peelaways nonwoven fibers are 32% softer and generate less friction than traditional bed sheets. Plus, a micropore waterproof membrane keeps patients cool while protecting the mattress. Peelaways are a plus for adults, seniors, college students, babies and healthcare providers.”

By simply pulling down the sheet from one corner, a soiled sheet is “peeled away” in seconds to reveal a fresh one underneath. Peelaways has multiple disposable layers.

For example, in a hospital, changing a sheet with someone in the bed can take up to 15 minutes. With Peelaways, one person can change a soiled fitted sheet oftentimes with the patient in the bed in less than 60-seconds without stripping the bed. Patients are more comfortable. Staff time is better allocated.

“The idea for Peelaways began in college when I realized students weren’t changing or washing dirty sheets because it was a hassle.  Around the same time, I saw my grandparents struggle to change their fitted bed sheets,” said Maxwell Cohen, founder, CEO and president of Peel Away Labs.

An early Peelaways prototype was first shown on the national television program “Shark Tank” in 2015.

In addition to Peelaways and Peelaways Health, Crib-A-Peel and Dorm-A-Peel round out the product line.

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