Extremist Portable Sanitizing System

Ron Laikind is the inventor of the ExtremeMist PCS / Personal Cooling System (www.ExtremeMist.com) and the new ExtremeMist PSS / Portable Sanitizing System (www.PortableSanitizingSystem.com).

An avid hiker, Ron has trekked the globe from the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, Siberia, Turkey, the Himalayas, India, Cashmere, Pakistan, Thailand, Asia, Vietnam, and Cambodia to South America, Patagonia, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and more. He has trekked tens of thousands of miles. He is the author of “Drifting through the Sands of Time: A Saharan Adventure.”

After writing his idea on a napkin following a trip through the desert, Ron waited 12 years before ExtremeMist Personal Cooling System came to fruition. Since he was always dealing with the heat, he didn’t want to stop participating in the activities he enjoyed. After searching for a system, he found that most high-pressure misting items were only for home or commercial use. The personal products were too low-end.

Ron invented the ExtremeMist PCS / Personal Cooling System to be a 2-n-1 misting & drinking hydration system. The PCS is a professional-grade, lightweight, compact hiking backpack that’s powered by a wireless remote control. ExtremeMist PCS is perfect for all types of sports and outdoor activities from hiking and jogging to bicycling, camping and more. There is even a quad nozzle kit that turns any tent, canopy, beach chair, boat, or ATV into a refreshing oasis, with a steady misting system that clips to almost any surface.

As a result of COVID-19, he pivoted after his local gym was closing by retrofitting ExtremeMist to the ExtremeMist Portable Sanitizing System to disinfect gyms, offices, cars, homes, and much more. He re-tooled the product to use CDC approved sanitizing materials to offer an affordable alternative for personal and business use.

The Portable Sanitizing System’s technology disperses antimicrobial solutions and other chemical disinfectants. ExtremeMist PSS 8-speed mist systems can be used to disinfect any areas large or small with a mist that has far superior coverage over conventional spray bottles. It is portable, lightweight and easy to use. The ExtremeMist Portable Sanitizing System sprays sanitizing solutions that last up to three times longer than trigger style spray bottles and gets the job done in one-third of the time.

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