Emotional Laws of Success With Harrison Klein

Train Your Emotions Into Quick Success Within 120 Minutes – Hijacked and uncensored emotions cause loss of attention, sadness, mental illness, unhappiness, volatility, relationship deterioration, disorientation, dysfunction, physical symptoms and more… 36% of people are unable to identify their emotions while having them! Harrison Klein joins Mark Alyn for a look at this unique program.

To leaders he is a time expander, showing them how to recover days and weeks for fulfilling and transformational adventures.

To heart-based entrepreneurs he is a multiplier, increasing business effectiveness exponentially in a way that rings true to their soul’s greater purpose.

To the rest of the world he’s a thunderclap of power, an innovative game-changer with a massive 360-degree vision, providing his global audience with the kind of high energy, high purpose, high impact results they’ve been seeking.

Known as the Leading Transformational Luminary, Harrison nimbly guides, mentors and instructs thousands of people from every corner of the world how to play a bigger game in their lives on a daily basis, as they wrap their arms around a fresh new understanding of their spiritual potential.

Harrison Klein comes from traditional roots, teaching at the local university and helping others in their business and personal motivations.

His own distant past of pain, depression, spiritual confusion and mental illness long ago have brought him to where he is today: a lightning-in-a-bottle, futuristic wealth magician with the rare, unique ability to LISTEN and EMPATHIZE with those who seek his unique and exceptionally powerful brand of individual and corporate guidance.

Harrison Klein Creates Thunderclap Experiences From The Zone

Whether it’s connecting changemakers around the world, providing personal growth for millionaires or the Mega-Rich Challenge, Harrison is an action coach, constantly changing the rules of the game, inspiring value and collaboration while contributing to the well being of the planet.

Working with Harrison on reviewing strategy, roles, emotions, milestones and measurements in daily performance is like capturing a tiger in a bottle.

He delivers pragmatic real-world tools, while simultaneously bringing forth a sense of fulfillment and transformation through a synergy of his extraordinary depth and wisdom with his powers of intuition, perception and metaphysical intelligence.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of working directly with Harrison in his Alignment Factor program, his Effortless Abundance courses, his Mastery classes or through his Masters Gathering and High-End Intuition series has seen incredible transformations in their life purpose, in their financial prosperity, in their happiness, and in their ability to understand their mission in life.

From his “I AM” groups to his customized metaphysical mind maps, speeches, workshops and summits, Harrison gives you the same evolved insider’s view into the rare spiritual, futurist and visionary gift that he brings to entrepreneurs, professionals, executives, corporations and the masses.

Those wishing to be leaders in cutting edge consciousness, intuition, heart-based practices, emotional balance and innovation would be hard-pressed to find a peer to Harrison in the areas of inspirational speaking, leadership training, integrative positioning, enlightenment dynamics and raw business savvy.

Learn more about Harrison at www.iamharrisonklein.com 

Listen to Harrison and Mark here:

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