Top Dentist Explains New Safety Procedures During Covid-19 Pandemic!

Have you seen the headlines? ​Dentists Charging PPE Fees!​ As many Americans try to get used to the “new normal,” and return to get regular dental check-ups, many are being surprised with the final bill – a PPE cleaning fee. Wait – aren’t dentist offices clean to begin with? Is there really a new fee? Answers? Yes and Maybe! As Dr. Brian Davey, DDS, a Lifetime Achievement recipient as a “Next Level Practice” explains – all dentist offices have always been required to maintain a “universal” standard of cleaning and maintenance in each office. However as many dentist offices were deemed as “non-essential” during the mandated Covid-19 shut down, the government has enacted additional safety precautions in order to reopen. These may include:

● Reduced capacity to maintain Social Distancing
● Personal Sanitizing Stations for clients to use upon entering and leaving
● Upgraded masks and changing of smocks or uniforms
● Upgraded or new air purifying systems
● New instruments to reduce aerosols

Please consider featuring Dr. Brian Davey to explain the additional safety precautions and what patients can ask their dentist prior to each visit. The truth is not all insurances will cover the additional expenses and some dentists may charge or some may try to absorb the additional fee. Dr. Brian Davey’s office follows infection control recommendations made by the American Dental Association (ADA), the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). “The teeth are the base of your health,” according to Dr. Davey, DDS. Please consider featuring Dr. Davey in any of your coverage on Covid-19 related health matters, dental care, and all over complete health care.

Dr. Brian Davey, DDS, a Fellow with ASOSH, American Academy for Oral & Systemic Health and Live Well San Diego Partner, is a Dentist who wants to make a difference and find the root causes of diseases by implementing COMPLETE ORAL HEALTH. Dr. Davey is a Live Well San Diego partner and operates a dental practice in northern San Diego county and is one of the few dentists to offer a comprehensive approach to patient health care, bridging the gap between medicine and dentistry.
Dr. Davey joins Mark for a look at oral health now with Covid-19. Learn more about, Dr. Davey, at

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