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Not Hearing in a Business Meeting? Mark Alyn explains How Hearing Aids From Signia Might Help!


Jamie Star Crawford introduces us to the world of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and her journey that brought her into the practice and coaching of NLP. Jamie explains to Mark Alyn what NLP is and how it can help you in your life.

Diving into the basis of communication and the incredible value NLP provides all kinds of relationships, Jamie shares the many ways NLP can powerfully support in creating healthy and effective communication. For example, learning the presupposition that “perception is interpretation” can help bring attention to the many miscommunications that can arise from a single assumption. She explains that because each person has their unique perception, there is room for misunderstanding in everyday conversation.

For the concept of love, the phrase “I don’t feel loved” is a popular point of conflict. Jamie explains that by being curious about another person’s viewpoint first, and seeing how they understand and experience love, you might begin to notice how everyone defines love very differently. Understanding this concept allows people not to take other people’s behaviors and words personally. Through the learning of NLP, communication not only improves, but it also teaches you how to listen effectively.

Imagine being able to communicate with anyone, anytime, about anything, effortlessly! I inquired as to how this science applies to health. Jamie shared with me her journey towards mental and physical wellness and how NLP has supported her with Fibromyalgia. NLP dramatically helped her awareness of how internal belief programs had contributed to this condition. To my surprise, she expressed to me that Fibromyalgia is an emotional disease that is a physical manifestation of trapped energy and suppressed emotions combined with poor internal physiology. For the millions of people who are experiencing this disease, I would highly suggest that they reach out to her and inquire as to how one might choose a holistic approach. Jamie has successfully healed herself from this condition without the use of medication.

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