“Beyond the Secret – The Awakening”

“Beyond the Secret – The Awakening” The Film that is infused with Quantum Energy

By Don and Melinda Boyer

It’s been thirteen years since the world was newly introduced to the ancient Law known as the Law of Attraction. The airways, television networks, the internet, and the whole world was lit up and talking about this newly found Secret. The most renowned Thought Leaders were teaching from every platform available about this Law of Attraction and how to use it to create the life you desire. Was it true, does this ancient law really work or have magical powers? For millions of people around the world, they believe it does. This was the talk and buzz in 2006-2007 at its height of exposure.

Then thirteen years passed, and instead of the buzz around the Law of Attraction their was silence, and now the millennial generation has no clue what the Law of Attraction is. What happened, why did the world seem to lose faith and interest. In this ancient law that was supposed to create miracles? What happened to the millions of people who were shouting its praises from the rooftops?

How are people viewing the Law of Attraction today and what becomes of the lives of those that were so impacted by this era of the Secret Law of Attraction? And, what about all the Thought Leaders who have led the pack in this great movement thirteen years ago? Leaders like Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Dr. Joe Vitale, Denis Waitley, and Marie Diamond; where are they and what are they doing now?

These were questions that pounded in my head one day as I gazed out of my office window from the seventh floor in Ontario, California in the spring of 2019. As individuals that were positively impacted by the Secret Law of Attraction in the 2006 movement, myself along with my wife Melinda and business partner Jeff Levine, we decided to find the answers to all these questions. What went beyond the Secret Law of Attraction movement and more importantly where does it stand today? Armed with a film production company named “The Hollywood Effect” and having the proper film crew, the experience and equipment, we decided to take the answers we found and put them into powerful cinematic film production and bring that to millions of people around the world.

Our Film, “Beyond the Secret – The Awakening” had three main goals as its intention;

1. To create a high-quality cinematic film that would be outside of the traditional self-help documentary formats.

2. To create the content of the film by revisiting many of the most renowned Thought Leaders who were some of the biggest names during the 2006 Law Of Attraction movement and find out what has happened in the past thirteen years for them and where the Law of Attraction stands today.

3. To have a film that could actually raise the consciousness of humanity, not with just knowledge, history or information, but with quantum physics energy.

What evolved from those three intentions was a cinematic film that was based on a true-life story of a couple who rode the wave of the Law of Attraction boom to create some massive success only to fall out of the sky and hit rock bottom. Inter-graded with Bob Proctor, Marie Diamond, Denis Waitley, John Assaraf, Dr. Joe Vi-tale, Travis Fox, Carl Harvey and other leaders as to why this may have happened and where the Law of Attraction stands today. It is a film that goes Beyond the Secret Law of Attraction to bring viewers a much more powerful dynamic of Awakening.

The film is interwoven with a compelling and heart moving storyline that captures what really happened when the Law Of Attraction hit mainstream media in 2006 and how it’s used and viewed today, thirteen years later. The film was professionally filmed throughout the United States at different locations and was completed in a seven month period.

What can the viewing audience expect from the film? Although everyone will view it from a different perspective and will have their own evaluation and opinion, we are confident that the majority of our audience will be inspired, entertained, educated, motivated and moved with emotions being able to relate to the storyline. However, the biggest component we believe will happen to the viewing audience is not what happens on the outside but what happens on the inside. Not just a film to view and move on, but a film to be “Experienced” and live on…a true quantum shift for humanity and our planet.

Released on January 23, 2020, with a Gala Red Carpet Premier at the exclusive Universal Studios City Walk Cinema Theater and available worldwide on January 24, 2020, on digital download format. Gearing our marketing plans to have it played in major theater chains nationwide as well as efforts to make it available on Netflix and Amazon Prime. As a featured guest in our film Marie Diamond said, “Some films are made to be viewed, but a few like this one is destined to leave a legacy for generations to come.

Listen To Don Boyer and Mark Alyn Here:

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