Adulting With Jane

Adulting with Jane is a new short DIY Comedy series– think sitcom meets how-to video with a different expert/influence appearing in each episode to teach Jane how to “adult.”

The episode “Don’t Panic” is in partnership with Talkspace to teach viewers “How to Manage a Panic Attack.” People across the world are currently experiencing anxiety and fear on an unprecedented level due to COVID-19, unemployment, social unrest and more. Adulting with Jane’s operating company, Intent Entertainment, and Talkspace stress that providing people with the necessary tools to cope with new mental health challenges.

The “Don’t Panic” episode was produced entirely remotely, with each and every actor and crew member doing jobs from the safety of his or her own home.

Intent Entertainment’s mission for the show is to partner with brands, people, and products that share an aim to serve the personal development and quality-of-life improvement goals of millennials and Gen-Z ers.

The cast is led by Paul as Jane, a 20/30 something with average millennial problems and a star-studded cast of expert/influencers in each season to teach Jane how to “adult.” You can watch an episode here –

Listen to Jenny and Mark here:

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