Knock the Crap Out of Parkinsons

Kicking Parkinsons

Listen to “Knock The Crap Out of Parkinson’s (Part 1) – Lisa Oliver 6/11/16” on Spreaker.

Listen to “Knock The Crap Out of Parkinson’s (Part 2) – Lisa Oliver 6/11/16” on Spreaker.

Parkinson’s is one of the most devastating diseases to confront a person. Someone who has been physically active, moving, talking and taking care of them selves find they no longer have the ability to even go to the bathroom alone. Parkinson disease (PD) is a progressive neuro degenerative disorder noted for tremors, postural rigidity and postural instability. Keep in mind that a progressive syndrome that only gets worse.

About 10 million people word-wide suffer from this disabling disease. Each year in the United States over sixty thousand new cases are diagnosed. While research is on going to prevent and cure the disease, what can those with the disease do to beat it? Up until now, not much.

Quite seriously there is a way to fight back. Fighting is the operative word as the key is boxing! Who would have thought that doing a boxing workout would help a Parkinson’s patient?

After sustaining a regular regiment of this nontraditional exercise studies indicate that those with early symptoms tend to show better results than those who have had PD longer. The results improve the longer the patient works out.

After the boxing training program participants show a better quality of life, a better gait (walk) and do better at daily living activities.

In the Southern California area, Tittle Boxing of Newbury Park ( has an in depth program for those with PD. With classes for all levels, classes are designed to workout the patient and a family member. Not only does the workout help physically, but also emotionally. The patient and family member actually gets to beat the crap out of the disease, releasing anger and depression.

Title Boxing is certified to offer Rock Steady Boxing, a specific program to help those with PD.

air date: 6/11/16

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