WOWS Fire Insurance – Puts The Fire Out


Robert-HeadshotWhen Late Night Health’s Mark Alyn chats with Robert Feldman, CEO, president and co-founder of WOWS Insurance Services, they are apt to reengineer fire insurance and help homeowners sleep at night.

WOWS Insurance Services specializes in fire zones and areas where insurance is difficult to place and has launched an innovative new product that provides homeowners insurance, including fire coverage, for high end properties in the Western United States.

The timing couldn’t be better.

This new option has launched at the same time as many insurance carriers are exiting the state of California and others.

Homeowners who have not yet received communication from their current homeowners insurance company are often afraid to open their mail when that letter arrives.

With WOWS insurance, insureds get protection and ease skyrocketing homeowners insurance costs, saving up to six figures. And when it’s time to sell, coverage is transferable, adding a premium touch to their listing, enhancing their property, and standing out to potential buyers.

WOWS provides brokers with an advantage in fire insurance coverage, standing out from competitors. Learn more about WOWS Insurance Services at

Robert Feldman is an insurance professional with 25 years of experience. His specialty is insurance in fire zones and hard-to-place risks. Due to his expertise, Robert has been sought after as a speaker at the California Association of Realtors, educating realtors about how to secure insurance for homes that are deemed uninsurable. Feldman also serves on numerous task forces, working with the senior leadership for many insurance carriers to solve the state’s current insurance crisis.

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