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Karen Grinzaid HeadshotJScreen is a national non-profit public health initiative dedicated to preventing genetic diseases. Headquartered in Atlanta at Emory University School of Medicine, the JScreen initiative provides convenient at-home access to cutting-edge genetic testing technology, patient education and genetic counseling services. JScreen believes the combination of education, access to premier gene screening technologies and personalized, confidential support are the keys to preventing these devastating diseases. The goal is to get as many people tested for both genetic diseases and for genetic cancers. For genetic diseases it allows future parents to gain insights into their genetic reproductive risks, empowering them to plan ahead for the health of their future children. It is also provides an opportunity to explore their own hereditary cancer risks and proactive measures they can adopt to safeguard their own well-being.

The goal is to educate people about how simple and easy genetic testing and affordable.  All you have to do is order a saliva test, return to Jscreen and your results are presented to you by telemedicine from a genetic counselor.

JScreen stands as a beacon of hope, providing accessible and informative genetic testing and counseling via at-home saliva kits. JScreen’s ReproGEN test, tailored for individuals aged 18-45, screens for over 200 genetic diseases, including Tay-Sachs and cystic fibrosis. Empowering prospective parents with informed family planning information is the core of this comprehensive approach.   JScreen’s CancerGEN offers at-home testing for more than 60 cancer susceptibility genes associated with hereditary risks for breast, ovarian, prostate, colorectal, skin and many other cancers.  One of JScreen’s goals is to make testing affordable. ReproGEN currently costs $149 and CancerGEN is $199. JScreen also offers need-based financial assistance.

Ms. Grinzaid is Executive Director of the JScreen program. She is an Assistant Professor in Emory University School of Medicine’s Department of Human Genetics where she teaches and mentors students in the Masters in Genetic Counseling program. She received her master’s degree in human genetics from Sarah Lawrence College in 1984 and was certified by the American Board of Genetic Counseling in 1987 and by the Association of Clinical Research Professionals in 2007. Since joining the Emory Division of Medical Genetics in 1986, Ms. Grinzaid has specialized in multiple program areas including prenatal, pediatric and adult genetic counseling, newborn screening, Jewish genetic disease carrier screening and lysosomal storage disease clinical care and research. Prior to launch of the JScreen program, she served as program leader for pediatric/adult genetic counseling services and for the Jewish genetic disease screening program at Emory. She visits with Mark Alyn. For information visit

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