Prison Made Me a Better Man!

SNIFF book cover

GC Brown photo“From the worst of places to the best of intentions.”

That’s GC Brown’s motto. You’ll learn a lot more about GC Brown when he converses with Late Night Health’s Mark Alyn.

Remarkably, despite being a felon who’s just finished serving 16 years in multiple federal facilities, GC Brown believes this sentence was the best thing that ever happened to him.What? How is that possible?

GC Brown became a writer during his confinement. Had he not been imprisoned, that would not have happened. He read a newspaper article that said that writing a novel is the third hardest thing to do.

That’s when GC Brown picked up a pen. That was in 2014. He hasn’t stopped writing since. That’s how he completed two series, SNIFF, SMOKE, SHOOT, and The Mason Storm Series prior to his release late last year.

And GC Brown loves being an author.

SNIFF, published by Story Merchant Books, his first novel to be published, due out November 1, is exciting, action-packed, hard-hitting and plain-speaking with some tough language and wild scenarios.

He’s also one of three partners in UpCup Koffee, a mushroom coffee company in which he’s partnered with two other felons, Alex Diaz, who was released in 2015, and Dr. William McArthur III, who was released in 2011.

Coincidentally, SNIFF publishes November 1 and the Koffee company launches on the same date.

GC Brown is now a free man, determined to make up for lost time. There’s no question that he’s about to do so with his two series being published, SNIFF, SMOKE, SHOOT, and The MASON STORM Series, UpCup Koffee, his new bride, Carla, and their identical twin boys, Tristan and Trevor, due in September. Learn more at

Listen to GC and Mark here:

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