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Julie Rosenberg, MD ( is a pediatric oncologist and pharmaceutical executive who oversees global drug development programs in service to patients with cancer. In addition, Dr. Rosenberg has devoted the last 16 years to the in-depth study and practice of yoga. Julie has integrated her corporate learnings with her deep understanding of the philosophical underpinnings of yoga to create a unique leadership framework, which supports development of enlightened leaders who achieve business results. This framework is discussed in her book: Beyond the Mat: Achieve Focus, Presence and Enlightened Leadership Through the Principles and Practice of Yoga ( In 2017, she was selected by Number 1 executive coach and leadership thinker, Marshall Goldsmith, from among 16,000 applicants as one of the MG100 coaches, a program of leading coaches, thinkers and senior business leaders, each of whom is committed to Paying It Forward in support of the betterment of society. Enthusiastic and passionate about helping people lead themselves and others in ways that also support good health and quality of survival, Julie is a highly sought-after keynote speaker for corporations, patient groups, and premier health spas. She lives with her family in Connecticut and part-time in Florida.

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