Look Within For Life’s Answers!

I know you’ve heard about your inner guidance. And maybe you live by it every day. But I feel it’s necessary to bring it to mind constantly, to help you remember how important it is to stay connected to and develop your awareness of it, what it’s saying and how it’s guiding you.

I want to remind you how it speaks to you every minute of every day, wanting to help you navigate life as a spirit being in a physical world.

And I want you to remember this; you are not a human having a physical experience. You are a spiritual being having a human, physical experience. You are mind, body and spirit. There is so much more to you that you know.

People often say they are envious that I’m intuitive; that I can practically read minds and have a knowing about things before or as they happen. And I say, YOU have that gift also. Some of us seem to be more connected to our gift all throughout our life. I was unconscious for most of my life, yet I had a knowing that I had some kind of power. And I definitely knew I had someone or something looking out for me.

Your intuition is that trusting your gut feeling that you want to be tapping into all day long. It’s talking to you. And it provides experiences for us, so we can learn from them in the moment or later on. Learn to sense what it’s saying, learn to trust and follow it. It’s one of the most important things you can learn to do to help you navigate this physical life. And when you tap into it deeply, it will take you to miraculous places.

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