The Nursing Project – Healers Helping Healers

The Nursing Project is a fledgling organization connecting nurses with therapists specializing in treating those who are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress symptoms brought on by treating COVID-19 patients throughout the pandemic.

In its infancy, the project is being sponsored by the First Church of Bethlehem in Bethlehem, Connecticut, however, the Nursing Project is not a religious organization.

As the direction of the pandemic is still uncertain, the effects of the exorbitant amount of stress both emotionally and physically can have on those involved can have a lasting impact on an individual, can be a significant life event, war, assault, natural disasters, or a pandemic. Reactions can vary from person to person but may include.

Stress can be a significant life event, war, assault, natural disasters, and pandemic. Reactions to stress can vary from person to person but may include.








Systems Affected:

The nervous and endocrine systems are affected. Cortisol, the stress hormone, becomes elevated and can be toxic to the body.

Painful stimuli inundate nurses working where COVID-affected patients are exposed to adverse effects to their nervous systems. By turning their energy and mind into actions with their patients every single day. Their own emotions and bodily reactions are suppressed.

Nurses watch their patients suffer physically.

Nurses watch their patients suffer emotionally from being isolated from their loved ones and dying alone.

Nurses must communicate to families the upsetting news that their loved ones are not doing well, are getting worse, are about to die, or have just passed away, listening to the crying and grieving family members on the telephone or computer.

Nurses communicate with patient’s families not seeing their loved ones at the time of their suffering and death,

We cannot ignore their suffering. Nurses have had this experience daily, which takes a psychological, physical, and emotional toll. It is time to address their repeated trauma and support these loving angels in the pandemic’s front line of fire.

Dawyn Cloud Alter talks with Mark about The Nursing Project here:


  1. Lesley Waldron

    Wonderful presentation for the NURSINGPROJECT.ORG As a supporter of this free outreach, I am reminded that the healing aspect is about freeing nurses to love their work again. Of all the medical professions, nursing is front line, up close and personal. How they do their magic is part and parcel to their state of well being.

    The legacy of months of long hours watching patients fail to thrive or pass away in their care leaves them open to post traumatic stress where accumulating dark memories sink deep out of awareness behind the immediate need for rest and renewal.

    I hope nurses might be proactive on their own behalf to take advantage of these free interventions which may turn the tide to bring them life giving healing and joy.

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