The Ins & Outs of Vaping With Scott Ballin

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The Ins & Outs of Vaping

Scott D. Ballin has worked tirelessly for decades as a health policy consultant, to bring Government regulatory agencies, National health organizations, Public Health experts and industry stakeholders to the table for rational discussion about tobacco harm reduction. He is committed to this approach as the best way to enable government agencies to make informed policy decisions about tobacco use. While he believes it is critical to keep youth and underage users away from any tobacco or nicotine product, it is equally critical to maintain adult access to safer nicotine delivery products such as e-cigarettes, Swedish snus, and other non-combustible forms and to keep viable innovations in the marketplace.

In a 2011 position paper on the topic of youth vaping, Scott Ballin wrote:

“Many of you have been following or are aware of the ongoing debates and discussions concerning e-cigarettes and how they should (or should not) be regulated. Some believe they should be banned outright. Others are taking the position that they should be regulated under the medical devices/drug provisions of the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act; others believe that they are tobacco products and should be regulated by the new FDA Center for Tobacco Products; and there are still others who think they should not be regulated at all.

Mirroring what is occurring in many other areas of our society, these are positions of ‘polarizing extremes’ that are more often than not influenced by emotion, passion and an unwillingness to consider any common sense alternatives. (i.e. As one highly respected international tobacco control expert once commented, for many, ‘It’s their way or no way’.)

Because these views are extreme, and often dogmatic, they are the views that often, unfortunately, get the most attention (including by the media looking for a story). The result is that we are missing out on having any serious and meaningful discussions about issues and sub-issues that may hold workable short term and long term solutions and answers. There may, in fact, be more common ground…

More on this and related topics can be found on his website:


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