Spirits landing celebrates 10 years – 500 women have benefited from its programs

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Spirits landing celebrates 10 years

 What is the genesis of Spirits Landing, spiritslanding.org? 

Tabbatha Mays, founder and CEO of Spirits Landing explains that, “It felt to me that all people, but girls in particular, were walking around waiting to be told their destinies. I liken it to an airplane, hovering over the runway… waiting for an air traffic controller to guide them in… helping them to land. I think that children sometimes have souls/spirits that are hovering, waiting for an adult or adults to guide them in so that their spirits can land, and feel grounded enough to then, in the future, “take-off” again on their own and fly to even higher heights. That is how Spirits Landing was founded and the name was given.” 

At an early age, Tabbatha had the opportunity to travel extensively. “I found that in every country, no matter where I went, there seemed to be a common denominator; young girls around the world suffered from low self-esteem, not knowing their power, defining themselves by their physical bodies rather than their intellectual and spiritual bodies,” she explains, 

Spirits Landing is Tabbatha’s way of solving this dilemma. As this non-profit begins its eleventh year, it has worked with 500 women and helped them grow, develop, and discover their greatness and transcend obstacles on the way to becoming well-rounded leaders. 

It is also ready to move into a new facility as it begins accepting applications for its Leadership Academy for the Self-Mastery class due to begin in the Spring for the class of 2019. Just 33 students will be accepted. The Spirits Landing Leadership Academy consists of three trans-formative programs: Self Mastery: the entry level program; Leadership: the second-year program; and the highest graduation level program, Transcendence. 

Through the years, Spirits Landing has been honored by Ebony Magazine and the Best of Beverly Hills Awards, among others. 

This in large part, due to its: 

Unmatched Service – Its number one priority is its students. Its staff considers their success a duty and privilege, is 100% involved in the lives of its future leaders and always available for support and counseling both during and after the student’s program ends. 

Ground Breaking Curriculum – Spirits Landing knows that growth is contingent upon understanding what is needed and fulfilling that need. Its programs are designed to fulfill the unique needs and goals of each of its students. 

Commitment – Spirits Landing does not simply teach or give information. It takes the time to make sure that the information is understood and well executed. It caters to both individual needs and learning speed. REAL change for real life. 

Unique – Its leadership academy offers an unmatched curriculum, a sisterhood that restores genuine love between women, and year-round programs that end in a graduation ceremony. 

Spirits Landing’s mission is to nurture the growth and development of young girls and women ages 12-29, by providing the tools needed for them to discover their greatness, transcend obstacles, and become well-rounded leaders who contribute exceptionally to the world’s social, economic, and spiritual reality. 

A Spirits Landing woman does not accept mediocrity – she thinks, speaks and behaves in extraordinary ways. She changes the world for the better through faith, self-knowledge and by standing and taking responsibility for what she creates and her place in the world. 

Learn More at Spiritslanding.org

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