The Highest of Care — Followed By A Chat With Robert Clancy

Mark Alyn visits with Lisa Roseman, author of The Highest of Care-A Journey Through Cancer. Roseman shares how she offers hope in the face of terminal illness, denial and the reality of death. As she learned to navigate her new life as sole caregiver during her mother’s battle with cancer, she was faced with several challenges. The book details the healing journey of Roseman’s relationship with her mother, rife with lack of communication and power struggles. Battling depression and exhaustion, she struggled to connect with her mother only to be met by rejection. With the patience of a saint, Roseman dedicated her life to her mother’s care, relying on God to help guide her in becoming the heart-centered caretaker her mother needed.

The book brings comfort to those navigating the challenges of caring for a loved one. Messages from God along the journey, including a message in the form of a lion on the wall above her mother’s bed, strengthened Roseman’s faith and affirmed that life is eternal. At the end of her mother’s life, she saw the lion reappear, gently guiding her mother into the afterlife. This profound experience facilitated a Divine awakening for Roseman, enveloped with God’s love. View Lisa’s retelling of the vision of the lion on the wall:

The Highest of Care is filled with hope, reminding readers that messages from God are possible—in everyday life and in the miraculous—and all you need is to look for them.

Lisa M. Roseman, M.T.S. is a theologian, a counselor, and an author with the mission of assisting people towards transformation and inner healing— spiritually, emotionally, and relationally. She is the founder of Sozo Freedom, an inner healing ministry in Southern California. Roseman has helped hundreds of people experience deep inner healing in various settings, including private mentorship, group counseling, addiction recovery, and her church congregation.

Listen to Lisa and Mark here -Followed by Robert Clancy

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