Enter Simpl… Simpl Solutions For Seniors… And Those Who Care For Them

September is World Alzheimer’s Month. That’s why Mark Alyn talks with the inventor of Rosie 2.0.

Rosie 2.0 is a senior’s Alexa or Google Home. It’s a SiMPL Technology solution for memory loss patients and their caregivers.

Rosie is a talking alarm clock that allows family members and/or caregivers to record reminders in their familiar voices to remind memory loss patients to take their meds, eat meals, keep important appointments and more. Hearing these messages in a familiar voice has been shown to deliver the highest level of medication and task adherence.  Rosie’s high adoptability by cognitively-challenged patients is due to its ease of use, said inventor Gary Rotman, whose father’s dementia inspired him to create the Rosie. Rotman serves as COO for SiMPL Technologies.

Rosie has been a godsend for caregivers, seniors, and their loved ones.

“You don’t have to learn anything new and Rosie looks like a familiar digital alarm clock,” Rotman said. “All you do is record your messages and they play at certain times. So, if your dad needs to take his medication after lunch, you simply record a message that says ‘Dad, it’s time to take your medication.’ After he hears the reminder message and takes his medicine, he can turn off the reminder by pressing Rosie down. It’s that easy. They don’t have to press any buttons or talk to Rosie to use her. Messages can be recorded for every day, weekly, Monday to Friday, by date or annually.” Reminder Rosie also will answer simple questions, including “what day is it?” and “today’s reminders?”

One three-month study found that Rosie helped 86 percent of patients dealing with poor medication compliance increase it to 80 percent compliance. Toronto Central Community Care Access Centre conducted this study. It also projected that savings from home care professionals utilizing Rosie could range between $3,000 and $6,000 each year.

SiMPL and its line of five senior and caregiver electronics products include:

  • SiMPL Rosie 2.0 – Reminders in A Familiar Voice
  • SiMPL One Click TV Remote – The Stress-Free TV Remote
  • SiMPL Alerts! – Fall, Wander & Help Alerts
  • SiMPL Lift or Touch Players – Worlds Easiest Music Players to Use – Engaging Minds, Reducing Stress
  • SiMPL Touch Dial Photo Memory Phone – Stay Close to the People They Love 

The Alzheimer’s Association reports that 6.2 million people are currently living with the disease and the number is expected to increase to 7.7 million people by 2030, according to The Silver Book from the Alliance for Aging Research. Add Parkinson’s, dementia, autism, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, and other debilitating conditions to these numbers and the market becomes even more significant. Further, between 2000 and 2019, the number of deaths from Alzheimer’s has increased 145%.

It is also estimated that there are 11 million next-of-kin caregivers and nearly 3,500,000 other people employed as home health and personal care aides.

SiMPL Technology makes the difficult easier. Their products do so without wi-fi, monthly fees, or hassles. These products are unique in that they restore some degree of control over their environment and self-respect to the people who use them while providing enhanced peace of mind to their caregivers, making quality of life as good as it can be. In short, problems…solved.

Enter SiMPL… SiMPL solutions for seniors… and those who care for them.

Learn more at: www.smpltc.com/rosie2

Listen to Gary & Mark – Then Robert Clancy talks abut Appreciation Here:


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