The Emergence of Cannabis

Do people ask you if you have a hearing problem? Listen to What Mark Alyn did about his hearing problem!

District Cannabis

“District Cannabis is a partnership formed by a master cannabis cultivator and a patient with an incurable degenerative neurological condition. Ed Weidenfeld, a prominent Washington attorney, seeking relief in any possible way asked his neurologist about the efficacy of cannabis.

 His neurologist was skeptical and cautioned against the dangers of the many contaminants that can be found in cannabis obtained from the black market. Weidenfeld queried multiple experts for the name of a source that could be trusted.

 Serendipitously, Weidenfeld was introduced to Andras Kirschner. Together they have created, District Cannabis, the local brand that sets a national standard for quality, organic cannabis that heals the body and eases the mind. 

 Their partnership has been licensed by the District of Columbia to cultivate and process a line of medical cannabis products which includes flowers, pre-rolls, lozenges, tinctures, concentrates, and salves. 

The founders of District Cannabis have also been awarded pre-approval to cultivate medical cannabis in the state of Maryland. Maryland Cultivation and Processing, also founded by Kirschner and Weidenfeld, look forward to supplying medical cannabis in Maryland that meet their uncompromising standard.”

Listen to Ed and Mark here:

The Emergence of Cannabis

The Emergence of Cannabis Part 2

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