*Hippocrates Remedies*

What Did You Say? If this sounds like you listen to Mark as he talks about hearing loss and how he changed his life. 


Dr. Decker Weiss, a naturopathic physician and cardiologist, is a leading expert in both conventional and integrative medicine.  He shares on Late Night Health Radio evidence that medicine practiced by Hippocrates still has a huge influence on many common and not-so-common ailments. Dr. Weiss says the foundations of medicine are rooted in ancient Greek tradition and the greatest physician of that time was Hippocrates, known as the founder of medicine, who based his practice on observations and study of the human body with the belief that illness has a physical and rational explanation.

Dr. Weiss speaks to Mark Alyn at Late Night Health Radio about the advancements in the technology behind Bio-Active Silver Hyrdrosol. Hippocrates wrote, silver has beneficial healing and anti-disease properties and praised silver for its tissue repair and wound healing abilities. It’s just one of the reasons why silver spoons may have been given by wealthy godparents to babies as christening presents. Those “born with a silver spoon in their mouths” benefited from silver’s purifying and antibiotic properties especially during the bubonic plague (Black Death) when the poor were disproportionally affected because the rich were afforded extra immune support from their own silverware! In 1999, entrepreneur Stephen L. Quinto made a breakthrough discovery with colloidal silver hydrosol by finding a particle size so fine that not even an electron microscope could detect, advancing colloidal silver technology by 120 years (known as Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol). Today, Dr. Weiss uses Sovereign Silver in areas of the world where he says antibiotics no longer work through his nonprofit called Peace Possible™, where he applies his expertise on inflammation as it pertains to radicalization, cycles of violence and cycles of poverty. He recently adding the mission of defeating anti-microbial resistance to the agenda and has performed research and given treatment in conflict zones such as Iraq, Africa and Vietnam, as well as presented his data at conferences worldwide, including University of Oxford’s College for the Resolution of Intractable Conflict and Cleveland Heart.

Read more about Dr. Decker Weiss’ work at: www.peacepossible.com.

Listen to Dr. Weiss and Mark here:

*Hippocrates Remedies*

*Hippocrates Remedies* Part 2

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