The Best You Expo Featuring Kimberly Meredith

Kimberly Meredith is a self-taught Medical Intuitive, Trance Channeler, Surgical Hands-on Healer and Spiritual Teacher with gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Kimberly’s Shaman lineage dates back to her maternal great-grandmother, Josephina, who initially practiced shamanic healing in Italy. She later settled in Jamestown, New York where her work was highly respected.

As a Trance Channeler with a growing worldwide reputation, Kimberly is a vessel for the healing energy of God, the Holy Spirit, many ascended masters, specifically Mother Mary and angels. With this love and light-filled energy moving through her body, she combines prayers, chanting and the activation of light energy to awaken the spirit within and stimulate healing energies that lead to effective results.

The basis of her work revolves around the simple concept that anger and negative energy causes disease.  The 3rd Dimensional DNA particle of anger can enter into everything we touch, including food and water.

Throughout her life, Kimberly exhibited many psychic abilities and had many paranormal experiences due to her sensitivity as an open vessel. She was also a firm believer in God as a young girl, which helped her overcome many adversities and abuse in her early years. She grew up in a diverse household with Judaism and Catholicism. She often walked herself to church alone as a child and also grew up going to synagogue every Friday.

While having displayed some abilities as a young child, Kimberly experienced her first profound near-death experience at age nine. In 2012, Kimberly was struck by a car while on foot. As a result of the accident, she experienced two more near-death experiences. She was in hospital for two months.  It was uncertain if she would walk again.

Upon returning home from the hospital in a wheelchair, Kimberly was immobile, in extreme pain and had a brain concussion. She was in a neck brace, unable even to hold her head up. Facing unbearable amounts of pain, in hopes of healing her cervical neck injuries and jaw, she began using a cold laser machine sent to her by her uncle. Every doctor discounted any hope the laser would help her.

However, Kimberly decided to throw all of the pain pills away and give 100% of her faith in God to her healing! The laser finally began to generate new tissue; bones in her neck and jaw. This success prompted her to get her license as a laser therapist.

While Kimberly was at home healing, a friend facing his own rotator cuff tear (shoulder injury) came to visit her. He asked Kimberly to try the laser on him. He commented on how her hands felt hot and had a healing effect on him. Her laser ended up healing him fully in only two sessions. He shared his success down at Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach. Afterward, she repaired the Achilles heel of a prominent trainer with only one session with her bare hands, the laser and chanting prayers. The word of her healing ability spread like wildfire. His doctor was shocked by the results. Plans for surgery on his Achilles heel were canceled.

About a year later, another shift took place and Kimberly began to channel while removing energies out of people’s bodies. Her ability to channel became stronger. She began having rapid eye movements and scanning abilities, her blinking eyelids informing her of the presence and absence of physical conditions. Her eyelids let her know when a disturbance has been detected within a person’s body.

While her hands are on the person’s body, she receives information intuitively and through the blinking of her eyes, information similar to what an MRI or X-ray would reveal. In this way, she is also able to detect trapped emotions and negative energies encapsulated in the body. She is a true medical intuitive.

Since then, Kimberly’s gifts have rapidly emerged and continue to lead to many miraculous healings. Kimberly is a true faith healer with a miraculous gift that honors all people of all faiths.

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Kimberly Meredith joined host Mark Alyn on Late Night Health recently to talk about her work, her gifts and her presentation at The Best You Expo at 4 PM on Saturday, March 21 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, “Healing You in the God Dimension.”

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