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A Gift Of Many Lives – A 20 Million Dollar Donation!

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In today’s uncertain economic times, it’s difficult to find a one-hundred-dollar donor, much less a $20 million dollar one!  But Nuvance Health, a system of world-class hospitals in Connecticut and New York, located a generous couple that is helping to fund a new patient pavilion at Norwalk Hospital with their $20 million legacy gift.   Tune in …

Seniors and Aspirin – Should You Take It?

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F or decades, doctors have been recommending that seniors aged 60 and older take daily low-dose aspirin to prevent stroke.  Now, a new finding by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force indicates otherwise. Dr. Paul Wright a neurologist with the Nuvance Health hospital system in CT and NY, addresses the new recommendation while discussing stroke prevention, risk, treatment and recovery. …