Resolving Problems

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3 Powerful Points to Resolving Problems and Move Forward!

Resolving Problems, how many times have you thought about your problems and still there is no resolution inside? Days go by and you find yourself constantly thinking about the problem. You have tried so many things and yet the problem won’t go away. What can you do to resolve problems and move forward in life?

When it comes to your problems, what do you perceive is your problem?  Are you resolving the right problem?  Here are 3 powerful points to re-direct your thinking to actually move you forward in life:

  1. Be specific about the problem. People perceive their problems are bigger than they can handle. They say they are not good with finances.  There is no hope in relationships.  Their health will never turn around.  People talk about their problems using broad words such as finances, relationships and health.  How can you be more specific about the problem you are trying to resolve?

For example, let’s say you are not good with your finances.  The word ‘finances’ involves things like spending, saving, investing, earning, keeping cash around and credit cards. What specifically is your problem around your finances?  You say you feel really good about putting money into investments every payday. You feel good to know you pay your bills on time. Are those problems?  Now if you maximize your credit card all the time and that really upsets you that is a specific problem you would want to resolve.  You have taken what you perceived as a huge problem with finances and specifically identified the area of unrest.  To know the specific problem moves you forward to easily resolve the unrest inside.

  1. Look inside for the solutions to your problems. There are things you feel good about inside and then there are things you do not feel so good about. The things you don’t feel so good about are the things you need to resolve.  This means in the moments when you are upset or bothered in some way you do not look to fix or change the people around you.  You start by looking inside for the solutions to your problems.

Any kind of emotions, such as being upset or bothered in some way are reactions which cause you to feel unrest inside.  Your reactions are about you and how you feel!  If you want to resolve the unrest you need to go inside to get a sense of what is upsetting or bothering you.

For example let’s say you are fighting with your husband.  You say he isn’t being respectful and it makes you mad.  Once you identify what is making you mad the very next step is to ask yourself what specifically makes you mad about that?  Go past thinking about how your husband treats you and move your focus inside yourself to where you can resolve your feelings of being mad.  When you have time to yourself close your eyes and This is very powerful.

When your problem has been resolved you will feel a sense of calm inside yourself. It is inside yourself where you will find the solutions to your problems.  This does not mean you changed the other person and the problem goes away!  This means you have resolved the reactions or the unrest you were feeling inside.  To resolve the unrest means you are no longer reacting like you did which moves you forward in life.

  1. Know what it is you are feeling! When you go inside yourself to resolve your problem you are actually getting a feel for what the unrest is about.  The best way to describe this is to close your eyes and think of your problematic thoughts until you can feel the unrest inside yourself. That unrest may show up as a pain type sensation.  Once you feel that unrest stay with that feeling and stop thinking of the thoughts.  Your intention is to take your focus off of what you perceive the problem is and put your attention on what you are actually feeling. Everyone is unique and will experience this differently.  Putting your attention on what you are feeling actually helps you to know what the real problem is!  When you resolve the real problem you will move forward in life.

For example, let’s say you are starting to feel pain in your back.  Because of all the pain you are feeling, over time you have come to refer to your back as a ‘bad’ back. Is the pain you are actually feeling coming from your back or is the pain coming from the energy related to your thoughts around what you are feeling?  How is that for a question today!

Thoughts cause you to feel and your feelings are expressed through the physical body.  Feelings can be felt in many ways such as tension or pain-type sensations. Whatever you feel in your back can be resolved by going inside.  When you feel the unrest with the intention to resolve the unrest inside, your pain will be gone and you will experience healing in more ways than you know.

Resolving problems using these three points allows you to move forward in life with a greater sense of calm inside.  You may be pleasantly surprised to learn the actual problem is something different that what you perceived it to be!!

Sheila Unique, Trainer & Speaker
Expert in Field of Teacher Efficacy and Student Achievement
The Unique Approach



Sheila Unique is a Trainer and Speaker in the field of teacher efficacy and student achievement. She has created unique strategies for teachers helping them move from feeling frustrated and overwhelmed to feeling calm and in control. Teachers gain renewed clarity, focus, and forward action. Sheila’s unique approach enables teachers to take what is perceived negative and turn it into positive life enhancing experiences.

She leads her audiences to recognize challenging situations as opportunities for exciting celebrations.

Sheila Unique is a best-selling author and is now writing her second book which will serve as a guide for educators and administrators. This book will share Sheila’s strategies in easy to implement steps, serving as the ‘go to’ book for all educators ready to share their passion in the classroom.

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