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Light Therapy

Listen to “Light Therapy – Biophotonics (Part 1) – Yvonne Hedeker 5/5/17” on Spreaker.

Listen to “Light Therapy – Biophotonics (Part 2) – Yvonne Hedeker 5/5/17” on Spreaker.

Biophotonics or light therapy is one of the most promising new technologies in health and wellness. It’s not surprising when you think about it. Light is the source of all life. Just like plants we need the right kinds of light for optimal health and well-being.

You can have the best diet and latest supplements, the best water, the best exercise program, the best medical care, the best attitude and there is still something missing. Its light! The right frequencies of light are an essential nutrient. Our brains, our eyes, our bodies need it….and most of us are deficient. We live indoors, unnaturally, under fluorescent and other lights that are not good for us.

Interestingly enough, this is what Einstein won the Nobel Prize for in 1921. His explanation of the photo-electric effect, or how subatomic particles of light, called photons interact with all matter, including living organisms. In Germany, Fritz Popp, a modern day biophysicist, explains that each second, some 100,000 chemical reactions occur in a given cell with light acting as the communicator that makes the reactions happen at the right moment and in the right place.

The ancients worshipped the sun, realizing its life giving and sustaining power. Today, science is rediscovering and proving what ancient cultures had already observed, light stimulates cellular and molecular activity. Biophotonics or light therapy is being used with newborns to reverse bilirubin, by the military to heal wounds and traumatic brain injury, by NASA to help astronauts sleep and stay healthy in zero gravity, by cancer hospitals to reverse the detrimental effects of chemo and radiation, by spas to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, erasing fine lines and wrinkles. Light therapy is used to regrow hair, alleviate acne and rosacea, relieve pain, reduce inflammation and regenerate tissue with professional athletes.

At Light Health Research, we are dedicated to bringing you the most researched, safest and beneficial frequencies of light. We should all be able to take advantage of this wonderful technology. Imagine that you can recharge our body like a battery and reboot our brain whenever you want. The DreamSpa personal light system lets you do just that. It’s a comprehensive solution to the effects of stress and the wear and tear of aging. Increase energy, uplift mood, improve sleep, enhance mental clarity and experience profound stress relief with professional light therapy for home use. Look and feel your best. Watch the years disappear. Convenient, portable, easy to use for a fraction of the cost. Benefits are progressive and each session feels like a deeply restful night of sleep – emerge relaxed, refreshed and re-energized!

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