Relatefully – Having Great Relationships

When you react and get upset with someone, are you aware of what’s going on inside of you? Reactions are common and part of everyday life relationships. Life happens and there are times you get upset. This isn’t about not reacting as much as it is about growing in awareness. Having awareness is like looking at yourself in the mirror and the reflection back to you is filled with information. That information isn’t reflecting back how good or bad you look but how you feel inside based on what you’re experiencing in that moment. Your reflection in the mirror is a representation of what’s going on inside of you and how that’s being communicated back to you.

Think about the relationships in your life. Any kind of great relationship begins with a great relationship with yourself. That’s what Relatefully is about. Very often events happening outside of you cause you to get emotionally charged on the inside. When you ‘relate more fully,’ you become aware of sudden changes in your thoughts, feelings and physical body. You grow to have a greater understanding of things like why you feel what you do or why some people easily cause you to get upset. Those kinds of things are communicated through the relating process involving your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energy bodies. When you gain access to your inner awareness, you gain everything. This includes having a greater understanding of things like your thoughts, feelings and energy and how they influence everyone of the relationships. Any kind of conflict in your relationships begins inside of you and it will also be inside of you where you experience the healing and resolution related to that conflict. That will be when healing truly takes place in all your relationships.

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